Opening Soirée

Delicious outdoor and indoor dining, no crowds, right by the Vervet with the sun at your back and a glass of wine in hand​​

16 May from 4pm to 11pm with an open bar, NOK 390​​

Come and hang up your jacket and get a tour of the new explorer boat in Tromsø and hear where the tours will go. Including 2 dishes: Red fish soup and the city's best salmon burgers


We are located at PIR 17, just before Vervet - overnight accommodation is also possible.

Explore our onboard services

Travel for a few hours or days with the only local cruise company from Tromsø. Experience local crew, culture, drinks, and food on the way to a destination where none of the large cruise ships can go. Travel in the authentic way, aboard a classic Arctic fjord cruiser close to nature and people, and with us, you get:

Full style & bar and restaurant with Arctic specialties
Polar history, about the great expeditions that started in Tromsø
Environmentally friendly, partly powered by refined seaweed, which is leftover raw materials from the production of healthy energy drinks, we're happy to tell you how
Small, personal ships without crowds,  you'll also meet other social people
Cabins for multi-day trips
Bike & ski cruises